Toni Moretti perfected his compositional techniques while attending a two-year specialization in Music Composition for Visual Media at the Conservatory of Rovigo, where he studied with Maestro Marco Biscarini and Maestro Daniele Furlati , winners of the David di Donatello (Italy’s equivalent of the Oscars) for Best Score in “The Man Who Will Come”.  

He has participated in numerous master classes held by prominent personalities in the international film music scene, such as:

  • American composerMaestro Yati Turant on conducting film scores;
  • Canadian composer Maestro Gabriel Thibaudeau on composing and conducting for silent films;
  • Maestro Franco Piersanti, composer of numerous successful soundtracks and film scores for important Italian directors including Ermanno Olmi, Nanni Moretti, Gianni Amelio; he is also well known for composing the music scores and soundtrack for the Italian TV series “Commissario Montalbano”.


Toni Moretti is very active as a composer for visual media. He has scored for symphonic orchestras, wind ensembles, jazz combos, electronic instruments, and other groupings in order to further the overall vision of the filmmakers with whom he collaborates.
He has recently composed the music score for the movies “Silenzio Nero” from the director Luca Tassone and “Non si invecchia mai” from the director Adriano Castiglione.


THE ARRIVAL opening scene (demo soundtrack).
Toni Moretti composer, orchestra conductor, computer programming, sync, timecode.
Orchestra recorded live at Music for Media course of Conservatory Vanezze (Ro):

Conducting a string orchestra for film music:

SPOT MUSIC Music for a Spot:

PEACE SONG Original composition from cd Yes I Will “ played with jazz band and string quartet:

SILENZIO NERO Teaser from the movie “Silenzio Nero”, with my original soundtrack. For full film contact the director Luca Tassone:

ENIGMATIC INDIA This video is a documentary from India, using my composition INDIO from the cd Yes I Will:

KASAKAOS This video includes my original composition recorded live in march 2018 with a small orchestra:

DEMO SOUNDTRACK This video include my demo music about movie soundtrack from Womb film:

URBANITA’ soundtrck for a documentary: